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[New] Taregon's App

Joining Savages - Submitted by user: Taregon

Application for Taregon (Level 100), Elite Knight.

Character Name: Taregon
Character Level: 100
Vocation: Elite Knight

Original Owner: Yes
Criminal Record: No

Your previous gameworlds and why did you leave them?

Isara ages ago. Refugia every since. Made some characters here and there but Refugia.

When did you start playing Tibia and what is your experience?

2003. Lots has changed. Refugia community was the best. Never leveled very hard. Usually just talked to people and had fun. Was my first online gaming experience and I always keep coming back to it.

Have you been in other guilds? If so, which ones?

My memory is horrible but was in Order of Merlin for the longest time I think.

Important things for you in Tibia

Community by far. Do love the house owning part of Tibia. I'm pretty casual.

How did you hear about us? Do you know anyone of us?

Scrolled trough the guild section of the website looking for a guild. I know a few names from way back but not personal.

Why do you want to join us and what is your expectations from us?

Just a place to chat and ask a few questions. Maybe if I level up a bit (tiny bit) some group action.

Tell us about yourself, write a few lines! (Name, Age, Country, Hobbies etc.)

I'm a 35 year old Dutchman. Recently became a dad to a daughter. Shes 2 weeks old now so I try to hunt at places I can hide FAST. Never know when she starts demanding food or a daiper change.

Gaming is really my only big hobby. Helps me relax. I usually play a game for a few months and move on. Games like Tibia and… blasphemy I know… WoW are the 2 I circle back to so every now and then. But play anything but battle royal games.

Submitted by user Taregon
ID 1629

hi there! we have started your voting process. please check back here from time to time if anyone has questions, good luck.

I will! Thanks.

Hi, we are sorry to inform you, our guild members have declined your application.