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[Accepted] Rey Sito's App

Joining Savages - Submitted by user: rey sito

Application for Rey Sito (Level 292), Elite Knight.

Character Name: Rey Sito
Character Level: 292
Vocation: Elite Knight

Original Owner: Yes
Criminal Record: No

Your previous gameworlds and why did you leave them?

Titania - Got retired when the server was merged and just after dominated
Epoca - Currently playing there by little times with my little elder druid ^^
Secura - I'be been playing there for many time, but like 4 years ago, I got tired of tibia, and got retired.

Been playing Medivia (ot tibia 7.4) for 3 years, then got tired of it, and came back to tibia, then came refugia!

When did you start playing Tibia and what is your experience?

I've started to play back at 2008, on titania, been introduced by my real life brother, played there for like 6 years, involved in mainwar etc, we lost the server when it was merged among other 2 servers, the server got dominated and i retired myself. while i was playing titania, i was playing also secura, continued my adventures on secura, till i got tired and got many of my friends retired, i retired myself too, was playing then the game "medivia" its like an 7.4 tibia ot server but with 2x exp, and being hard, I loved to play it cuz of the old nostlagia community, everyone talking on trade, selling and buying runes etc, but i've got tired of it after 3 years and 167 levels and many hours,  then like I've said, I started to play back again Refugia.

Have you been in other guilds? If so, which ones?

On refugia not really, at least not worth a mention

Important things for you in Tibia

Community, friendly, and somebody to sit and chat with, make bosses, quests, teamhunts etc.

How did you hear about us? Do you know anyone of us?

I dont know someone of you, but seems like the perfect guild for me, so I decided to apply, and finally find a group of people to play with.

Why do you want to join us and what is your expectations from us?

As I mentioned before, my goals are to have a group of friends to chat with, also make teamhunts, quests, bosses, help newcomers etc.

Tell us about yourself, write a few lines! (Name, Age, Country, Hobbies etc.)

My name is Marc, Im from Spain, i am 27 years old, I work on a truck garage as "piece supplier" (IVECO BRAND), I live alone (with my gf on weekends, cuz during week she study on another city), so on my free time I like to play tibia and sometimes Stream it ( I mostly play from  13:30 to 15:00 and from 20:00 to 23:00 during week , and diferent hours on the weekend. Appart of tibia, in my free time I like to go to the mountain (trekking) and I am a fisher ( river, not beach) , I live in a small village in the mountain called "La Seu D'Urgell" situated north of catalonia (spain), I consider myself friendly and nice with others, I dont know if i did this well, if you guys have anyother doubt or question, just contact me and let me know! Thanks for your time!! and I hope I can join  you!

Submitted by user rey sito
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