Frijí's Application

Quote:Character Information
Armory Link:í
BattleTag: irenz#2510
Class: Hunter
Spec / Offspec: BM
Microphone / Reliable Internet: Yes

Quote:Raid Related
Can you make all our raid days?


Do you have any logs we can take a look at?

What are your previous raid experiences in Legion and other expansions?

seen every raid and cleared almost all since vanilla , however I misses antorus

Do you have any alts or offspecs we can use for progress or that you play in general?

holy paladin ( still learning)

Quote:Other questions
What are your expectations from us?

a good fun raid experience whilst clearing content at a good rate.

Do you have anyone in the guild that can vouch for you?


Do you have questions for us?

if you could be any animal what animal would you be?

Quote:Personal Information
Tell us about yourself:

Hi, Im Ryan , im 24 live in London and im a indie game dev , love to play video games and love to chat , ive played wow a long time and like to keep up to date with all its content.(M+ arena etc)

Do you agree to follow the guild rules?

Yes, I Agree.

End of application.

Hi ryan, we have looked at your application and decided to accept you for trial, animal I'd be either a bear, or maybe a Hornet so I can go and string every person who has pissed me off during my life time Smile