Seithu's Application

Quote:Character Information
Armory Link:
BattleTag: Seithu#2358
Class: Paladin
Spec / Offspec: Retribution / Protection
Microphone / Reliable Internet: Yes

Quote:Raid Related
Can you make all our raid days?


Do you have any logs we can take a look at?
Mythic Nighthold patch 7.2
Heroic Nighthold patch 7.2

What are your previous raid experiences in Legion and other expansions?

I'll go chronologically through this list.

I started activly raiding at the very end of Wrath of the Lich King with a group of friends, mainly going 10 man and killing the Lich King repeatedly. During this time I played a protection paladin.

As Cataclysm came out, I started to become more invested into raiding aswell as improving my ability to tank where I became a guild master within our group of friends, and now with new people applying, putting preassure on me to learn and lead raidnights (3 nights a week). We cleared Tier 11 with reasonable time, aswell as Tier 12 with Ragnaros. During this time forward I took a major break between patch 4.2 and 4.3: The Hour of Twilight. As I returned to WoW in midst of the Dragon Soul raid, I had a new goal in mind, to defeat the Fall of Deathwing encounter in Heroic mode (Mythic). I resumed my responsibilites as a tank and a raidleader and I managed to squeeze in a kill on Deathwing prior to the release of Mists of Pandaria expansion.

During Pandaria, more regular breaks were taken as I was burnt out quickly by that expansion. We cleared half of Tier 14 before I took a break from the game, not returning until the Siege of Orgrimmar raid in mid patch 5.3. Naturally I resumed my time as a tank and a guild leader as I played mainly with the same group of friends, meaning starting a guild and recruiting was easy and natural at this point, with some people I recruited beeing very good friends of mine until this day.

Warlords of Draenor provided me with yet another reason to take a break after raiding briefly through Highmaul, where I stepped down from the GM position, and took the role as an officer as WoW begun taking more and more time from me.
During the break of Warlords, I returned prior to the release of Tanaan Jungle and patch 6.2: Hellfire Citadel. I had returned with the same group of friends, as a tank and fought my way to Archimonde Heroic Mode before splitting up with some friends. Which is where I took a turn and decided to go full time as a DPS as I've always seen myself as competative player when it comes to numbers, even as a tank, seeing how much damage taken, healed and dealt. With the change, I also found a new home which I would stay for two years consecutively. With the guild, we managed to defeat Mannoroth Mythic prior to the legion prepatch 7.0.3, unfortunaley, it did not grant us the Cutting Edge kill, but we downed Archimonde during the prepatch.

In a midst of preperations for Legion, I helped the guild recruit new players, teaching socials the ropes of raiding mythic aswell as consistently improving myself through inspecting my own logs, theorycrafting aswell as simulating encounters to pull as high numbers as possible aswell as taking the role of a secondary shotcaller. This was especially true during the Nightmare Dragons encounter in the Emerald Nightmare. We got Cutting Edge on Xavius and moved on over to Nighthold heroic/mythic as we managed to squeeze in 9/10 mythic with some key members unfortunaley holding us back from killing Gul'dan. During Nighthold, I was given the role as an officer, leading raids during the guild masters' absense. Come patch 7.2.5 and the release of Tomb of Sargeras, I managed to kill the Sisters of the Moon on mythic before taking a break from raiding until now.

-> Obviously during Legion, I made sure to always keep myself geared by getting all my legion legendaries aswell as consistently at least getting a weekly M+ chest.

Do you have any alts or offspecs we can use for progress or that you play in general?

Currently I plan on migrating my main Paladin to the realm as soon as possible. I'm also holding a 110 boost I plan on using here as I'm brand new in the Draenor realm. I'm brushing up my skill in Protection aswell for potentially going Mythic+ and offtanking if necessery.

Quote:Other questions
What are your expectations from us?

I expect to have fun and I'm hoping on seeing this becoming a long term ride where we cry and laugh together as we get those Cutting Edges. Speaking of which, congratulations of Mythic Argus.

Do you have anyone in the guild that can vouch for you?


Do you have questions for us?

All my inquiries were answered while speaking with one of your members.

Quote:Personal Information
Tell us about yourself:

So my names Mergim, 25 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. Currently studying in a tradeschool as I'm chasing a diploma to become a Business Analyst while balancing two jobs (At a supermarket and a highschool). I'm into IT when it comes to PC builds, tech support, Webdesign. I'm also a huge nerd when it comes to Warcraft lore as I was first introduced to the series back in 2002 with Warcraft III. (I bought the majority of the books, I frequent lore communities and I read wikis a lot on my spare time).

Outside of Warcraft, I also play a religious amount of League of Legends in the Europe West server, consistently hitting Diamond V Every season four years back.

I'm sure there's more about me, but that can hopefully be discussed in the not so distant future!

Let me finish off with a joke:

Why did the scarecrow get promoted?
He was outstanding in his field!

Do you agree to follow the guild rules?

Yes, I Agree.

End of application.

Thanks for the application we will get back to you with a response as soon as we can

Hey there, just to let you know you've been accepted for trial feel free to whisper any officer or member for an invite