Ambuleaf's Application

Quote:Character Information
Armory Link:
BattleTag: Abgrybadger#21356
Class: Druid
Spec / Offspec: Resto
Microphone / Reliable Internet: Yes

Quote:Raid Related
Can you make all our raid days?

I can indeed

Do you have any logs we can take a look at?

Else you can look at my character and see previous logs from before wipe.

What are your previous raid experiences in Legion and other expansions?

7/7 EN M - Cutting edge
3/3 ToV HC - curve
10/10 NH HC- Curve
9/9 Tomb HC- Curve
11/11 Ant HC- Curve
5/11 Ant M
Other expansions have mainly been HC and a quite impressive MoP normal curve, back when that was a thing

Do you have any alts or offspecs we can use for progress or that you play in general?

I have a 965 hunter on ArgentDawn called Littlepest
Currently gearing a WW monk for M+ and so have a dps if that should be needed only 923 at the time, though.

Quote:Other questions
What are your expectations from us?

Hopefully to join in on the roster and still be raiding mythic before the launch of BFA, ofcourse going through a trial firstly.
-A friendly atmosphere where joking is allowed.
-A structured raid team where people focus when it is needed. -Push to talk in the raid channel.
-Proper raid lead with as a main goal to optimize the performance of the group as a whole.

Do you have anyone in the guild that can vouch for you?


Do you have questions for us?

What is your goal for BFA?
What do you expect of the trial?
How many trials do you take in for the certain role you look for?
What is your expectations of the player when BFA launches?

Quote:Personal Information
Tell us about yourself:

My name is Emma, i am 22 years old, live in Denmark and currently have no job. This will change from September when i will start working as an IT-supporter for a larger company, i can be quite shy in the start but i will do calls when i need to.

Do you agree to follow the guild rules?

Yes, I Agree.

End of application.

Thanks for your application. We will have a look at it and get back to you with a response asap!

Thank you for the quick response. Hope to hear further from you Smile

I am currently looking at the information you posted. Seeing as BFA is right around the corner, i was wondering if you have made a decision yet regarding the class/spec you're planning on playing? Are you thinking of sticking to healing as a main role?

I am quite indeed sticking to healer as a main role, but if it not needed i would be more than willing to pu all my effort into a dps role of the druid or monk Smile

Just noticed i spelled my battletag wrongly Angrybadger#21356 is the correct one.