Forum engine updates

Improvements, tweaks, details, lines of lines with code.. My passion!

The forums are now updated (again) with a bunch of minor fixes. Mainly security improvements and some visual changes when using mobile phones and tablets. There is a minor design-bug which may appear when using Chrome/Firefox with Adblock Plus. Anyways, the site has no ads whatsoever so you can disable any adblockers on the site ( that is).

So please, if you discover design bugs or errors, make a reply in this topic about it so I can fix it asap!

Btw, approved members of the guildsite got access to upload images to insert in posts. Just click the "Uploads" button below the textarea when posting (or use this link: My Uploads)

Cheers, Savages!

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looks good ryo Wink

I am one of the Golden Six.