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Rosh's Application accepted

Quote:Character Information
Armory Link:
BattleTag: bigdickdps#2792
Class: Warrior
Spec / Offspec: Arms
Microphone / Reliable Internet: Yes
Quote:Raid Related
Can you make all our raid days?


I have a job which requires me to work on some nights, however, if the guild turns out to be a match i can make sure i won't have any shifts on raid nights.

Do you have any logs we can take a look at?

My previous guild unfortunately stopped raiding as frequently as we did before. As a result, my 7.3 logs are a bit meager. These are my 7.2.5 logs:

My warrior:

My most played Alt, Feral:

What are your previous raid experiences in Legion and other expansions?

I ran a guild with Knot, the brewmaster that also applied today. Together we had great ambitions but we believe the fact that we were on Magtheridon, combined with our rostering problems, has held us back from achieving anything after 1-2 Mythic kills.

I really started taking raiding seriously in Legion. We started our own guild in which i was an officer and lootmaster. I started playing retail in MoP, but i was young and wasn't interested much in raiding. I did however clear most tiers on both flex and normal.

WotLK: Light raiding on private servers
MoP: Cleared all of flex and normal
Legion: 2/7 EN before 7.1, 1/3 ToV, 2/10 NH, 1/9 ToS

Do you have any alts or offspecs we can use for progress or that you play in general?

I pride myself in the fact that i have 9 110s, however, not all of these are raid ready.
As i have mentioned in the log section, i currently play a feral druid that i feel comfortable on, which is also raid ready:

I mostly use this character for mythic+ and as such it's still on my old realm. If there is a dire need for a feral druid however i am willing to transfer that toon as well.

I also have a demon hunter that is currently undergeared that i used to play in NH when arms was weaker, these are some old logs:
Quote:Other questions
What are your expectations from us?

A healthy raid environment which has the right balance of fun and progress. I am sick and tired of being held back by roster issues and people bailing. Therefore i like keeping promises and will try anything and everything to keep my personal attendance at 100%.

I also value personal contact with guildies, and like to do mythic+ with guildies over pugs, for the sake of benefiting the guild with gear and our relationships.

I used to be lootmaster in my previous guild so i know the struggle. I would like to emphasize that i am really not concerned about loot. I want those juicy boss kills, no drama and hopefully a nice Cutting Edge, next tier.

Do you have anyone in the guild that can vouch for you?

Sadly i do not, i am new on this realm. I do however have another applicant that can vouch for me: Knot. We have raided together for most of this expansion.

Do you have questions for us?

How seriously do people take Mythic+? I value doing a lot of mythic+ and pushing high keys. I only reached a M+ Score of 1440 during 7.2.5 on my warr, but am currently working on that on my druid, where i'm rank 37 druid on Mag in M+.
Quote:Personal Information
Tell us about yourself:

Hi i'm Rosh, 24 years old. I live in the Netherlands and i'm currently studying Health Sciences in Amsterdam. My hobbies consist of Weightlifting, Guitar and a lot of gaming

Thank you for your application we will discuss this and get an answer for you ASAP


Hey Rosh, we have had a quick look at your app, and just a quick thing to point out and ask you first of all, there is a competion on all the spots as i said to you earlier, how do you feel about competing with the rest of the guild for spots, and also on being rotated if we feel like your class is weaker or that you are performing lower, that goes for everyone in the guild though Smile


Cheers for the quick response.

I get that there is a lot of competition when it comes to dps spots. I also am fine with being benched when necessary cause of inferior skills/toolkits, i only need a fair shot is all.

I would like to point out that i am fairly flexible when it comes to playing different specs and that i chose to bring warrior because i feel comfortable as arms. If later on the need arises to bring other specs to a fight i'm fine with levelling/gearing up other melee dps just to bring in more versatility.

Proper benching/rotating is imo necessary to achieve some proper progress so i'm cool with it.

Hey mate, we have decided to accept your application for a trial position, bare in mind as we have disscussed there will be times where you will be sat out but that goes for all guildies, so in the times your raiding, do your best prove that you deserve your spot! Smile 

Last thing as i mentioned to your friend too, i just want to make sure you are both okay with trialling individually, in the sense that you wont be always raiding together and your both fine with that, feel free to message any officer for an invite if your okay with this Smile

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