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Thyssen's Application [Declined]

Quote:Character Information
Armory Link:
BattleTag: Venom#2574
Class: Warrior
Spec / Offspec: Protection / Arms
Microphone / Reliable Internet: Yes
Quote:Raid Related
Can you make all our raid days?


Do you have any logs we can take a look at?

What are your previous raid experiences in Legion and other expansions?

WotLK: Lead a softcore raiding guild which went on to clear all the content on normal and went up to 5/12 ICC HC (10-man).
MoP: Cleared up up to Durumu ToS 10 HC before guild fell apart.
WoD: Cleared up to 5/10 M BRF before a disagreement cleaved the team in two. Took a break until Hellfire Citadel released and went up to 11/13 HC.
Legion: Returned to do Tomb of Sargeras. Left my current guild after the raid leader tore the raid team apart (long story. Ask if you want the details). Current progress: 3/9 M.

Do you have any alts or offspecs we can use for progress or that you play in general?

I mainly play my Protection warrior.
Quote:Other questions
What are your expectations from us?

I expect a raid team with a progress raiding mindset and a stable roster.

Do you have anyone in the guild that can vouch for you?

No. I have only been in contact with Chrisgrill.

Do you have questions for us?

Not at the moment. I'll ask you in-game if any questions arise.
Quote:Personal Information
Tell us about yourself:

Christian, just had my 22nd name day, situated in the Kingdom of Denmark.
I study biomedical engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Uni absorbs a lot of my time which is why I only log in for raids and for doing a couple of M+ dungeons and grinding AP.
I like science, engineering and gaming of course.
If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask.

Do you agree to follow the guild rules?

Yes, I Agree.

End of application.

Thank you for your application the officers will review it, and get back to you with an answer asap


Apologies in advance.
Changed my mind as my the core team of my previous guild chose to reform and make a new guild.
Really hyped about the project which means I am going to withdraw my application.
Good luck Smile

Application re-opened 

Hey again, after some discussions with the guild officers we have decided to decline your application for now i'm afraid.

Currently we can't get a spot in our raid roster to be able to get you a fair trial, so I wish you good luck in search for a guild that suits your needs


That is fine. 
Thank you for your time and good luck!
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